november and middlemarch




I would not creep along the coast, but steer
Out in mid-sea, by guidance of the stars.

-- George Eliot, Middlemarch

I was cleaning out my "drafts" folder and found these photos, from years ago, taken with a disposable camera at Ocean Beach. If I remember correctly, the light was brighter then, though I actually don't mind these grainy images as they seem to reflect the pensive mood that I am in. Autumn always inspires introspection, and even more so lately, as I've experienced some personal setbacks that made me to slow down, and re-evaluate what is really important.

A few days ago, I read the last page of Middlemarch, after carrying it around for three weeks. I felt bereft, and yet elated. To have read it, especially at this time in my life, is like a quiet affirmation. And how does one make of a book like that? One that is so inherently human, so psychologically on point, it was sometimes difficult to recognize parts of yourself, with all your faults and expectations, reflected in its characters? I know I've yet to comprehend how much this book has touched me, but I feel like I am seeing the world through different eyes, partly because of it.

Has any of you read Middlemarch? I'd love to hear your thoughts. I was dying to discuss it with someone while I was reading it. In fact, it was one of those times when I wished I was a literature major in college, for I would've loved to have a long discussion about Middlemarch, and all it's complexities.


  1. Ah I want to read Middlemarch even more now.