postcard from an old book


I wrote a postcard for myself a few days ago and received it in the mail today.


April 14, 2016

Sunny spring day in Seattle, walking downtown to the waterfront.

Golden hour at Pike Place Market. Colorful bunches of tulips, $10 per dozen. My favorites are the ones in shades of coral and the lightest pink.

A used bookstore, found an old copy of Persuasion with a blank postcard inside. In front, it says "This Day Will Never Happen Again." Of course, I had to buy it, nevermind that I already have 2 copies of this book at home.

Bus ride during rush hour, the sun shining so brightly, headphones on my ears, listening to a song in a language I don't understand. Well, I can pick out some words and their meaning - like "sarang", means love.

Two poems by Anna Ahkmatova, about reading Hamlet and another one about Pushkin.

It is indeed a special day. (Worth the last "Forever" stamp I carry inside my wallet.)


  1. I would be tempted to buy a duplicate book too if I found one with such a good sign inside it.

  2. I missed reading your beautiful words. I hope things are going well on your corner of the world.